Gassie History in America and the Story of Pierre Gassie  

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About this Site

This site contains documentation and information related to the first known Gassies that came to Louisiana from Barsac, in Gironde, France.  The records primarily center around the person and relatives of one Pierre Gassies who settled in West Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the 1820's.  Many thanks go to those that contributed documentation and information that may be found on this site.  Names of known contributors are provided in the Acknowledgements section below.


Primary thanks go to God, by whom all things are possible.

This site was created by Jerry Gassie.
I am a great great grandson of Pierre Gassie (aka Pierre Gassies), and a great grandson of William Gassie (Sr.).
My grandfather was Joseph Harry Gassie, and my father was Herbert Gassie (Sr.).
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Many thanks go to the following individuals, who's support and contributions have made this site possible.  My apologies to anyone not mentioned that may have also contributed.  Names are listed alphabetically by First Name:

Name Description
Anne de la Jousselinière (Anne Marie Cazajous) Anne is my 6th cousin twice removed, and lives in France.
She and her husband François assisted in translating some French documents and provided some related genealogical information.
Bernadette Cazajous (Bernadette Gassies) Bernadette lives in France and is my 6th cousin once removed, and she is also the mother of Anne de la Jousselinière (Anne Marie Cazajous).
Although she no longer lives there, she was born and raised in Barsac, Gironde (in France), the area where Pierre Gassies was from. She provided some related genealogical information and interesting facts regaring the Gassie family.
Clifford LeBlanc The exact relation is undetermined at this point, but Clifford has provided genealogical information for the Walker family tree (my mother's side).
Desirée Goodbar (Desirée Marie Dupont) Desirée is my 3rd cousin once removed.
She is a descendant of Auguste Gassie (son of Pierre) and has provided a digital copy of the only picture of Auguste that is known to be available.
Don Gassie Don is my 3rd cousin.
He has provided important documentation in the form of letters and such he received from relatives, and additional historical and genealogical information discovered by his own research efforts. He and I have been exchanging information related to the Gassie family for many years now.
Eric Gassies Eric is another 6th cousin twice removed.
He has provided additional genealogical information and some documentation about the Ordinance of Blois (1579), which stated that men under 30 were considered minors (within a certain context) until 1792, when the age changed to 21. Eric currently lives in French Guiana.
François de la Jousselinière François is the husband of my cousin Anne Marie Cazajous.
Together they have contributed a lot to this project, inluding document translation, genealogical records, and general information regarding the area where Pierre came from. They also put me into contact with Anne's mother, Bernadette.
I first contacted François after finding the Gassies name on a web site listing genealogical information he put together.
Jean Cazajous Jean is the son of Bernadette Gassies and the brother of Anne Marie Cazajous.
Along with his sister and brother-in-law François, Jean has assisted his mother in enabling her to communicate with me via email.
Kristie Hart A specific relationship is uncertain at this point.
Kristie maintains a website on the Prejean family. Emile Prejean married Pierre's grand-daughter Stella Blanchard. Some of Kristie's genealogical information might have been a source for part of the Gassie family tree.
Robert Ramsey Gassie My oldest brother.
Rob contributed some related digital images of scanned photographs.
Wilmae "Boots" Gassie Dodridge My aunt, the sister of my father Herbert Gassie (Sr.).
She contributed photographs and general historical information.

Additional thanks to National Archives and Records Administration, West Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court, West Baton Rouge Musuem

Note Some black and white public domain illustrations were obtained from FCIT, University of South Florida,

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